Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Money Posts

On Saving:

How I Saved $20,000 in a Year

How to Save $20,000 in 2015

Areas to Save Money in Singapore

Why You Need An Emergency Fund

I'm Only in My 20s! Why Do I Need to Start Saving So Early?

Why Women Find It Harder to Save

Guys: How to Save While Dating

14 Cheap Dating Ideas

How to Save Money on Groceries

How to Live A Rewarding Life While Saving

On Loans / Clearing Debts:

A Guide to Paying Off Your Tuition Fee Loan

On Investing:

How to Get Started On Investing

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Invest

A "Fail-Safe" Investing Method To Beat Inflation And The Stock Market (The Singapore Permanent Portfolio)

You CAN Afford to Invest on the Singapore Stock Market!

Paying 1% In Investment Fees Could Mean Giving Up To 1/3 Of Your Wealth

Investing in the Stock Market (2-part series)

How to Avoid Losing (too much) Money in the Stock Market

Investing in ETFs and Mutual Funds

Key Lessons I Learnt About Investing

On Insurance:

What Insurance Do I Need?

Your Guide To Healthcare Insurance in Singapore

Why I Fired My Insurance Agent

Here Are Some Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

Should I Buy That ILP? (And why I cancelled mine)

Should I Buy Health Insurance When I'm Already Covered By Both MediShield Life and My Employer?

Should I buy Term or Whole Life Insurance?

Read this before you buy Whole Life insurance

The 7-Year Historical Fund Performance of Singapore's Insurance Companies

Should You Buy Direct or Through Your Insurance Agent?


The Different Money Habits of the Middle Class vs. Rich Singaporeans

Part One: Real Needs vs. Perceived Needs

Part Two: The Lies Advertisers Have Us Believe


  1. The titles with no links are planned future posts?

    Looking forward to your investing and insurance posts, maybe I can direct curious friends to those posts in the future when they ask me about them!

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